Who We Are

Who We Are

The FAITHMEN initiative by Faizal Tahir began in 2016 with his lifelong desire to raise awareness on positive social causes. #iamFAITHMEN movement aims to transform lives through education, inspiration and opportunities. #iamFAITHMEN aspires to instill self-belief in every individual so that everyone is empowered to make a difference. Positivity is infectious! Wear a FAITHMEN product and make a statement. With every purchase, a portion of proceeds will go towards the #iamFAITHMEN charity fund.

Thank You for making a difference and affecting change in the world we call home. Everything big starts with a small step. The FAITHMEN mission is set and we're excited to make a difference together with you.

"Take what you need, give back the rest" - Faizal Tahir



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